Monday, March 9, 2015

Howard W. Odum, a 1930s Voice for Regionalism

Sociologist Howard W. Odum of the University of North Carolina
Dallas Regionalist artists including Allie Tennant found satisfaction in the work of  sociologist Howard Odum. He is today considered one of the most significant intellectuals associated during the 1930s with Regionalism. In 1938, Odum of the University of North Carolina and Harry S. Moore of University of Texas at Austin, published a seminal volume entitled American Regionalism that defined the parameters of this viewpoint and articulated its intellectual credo. Odum and Moore noted that "Regionalism is in reality the opposite of its most common interpretation, namely, localism, sectionalism, or provincialism." They observed that "Regionalism connotes unity in a total national composition, while sectionalism with its separatism is inherently different." Dallas artist Jerry Bywaters echoed this observation when he wrote about Regionalism by saying “the truth is that artists found nationalism before the politicians."

To learn more about Odum, see the webpage of the Howard W. Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina. Click Here