Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Bywaters Collection of the Hamon Arts Library at SMU

Sam Ratcliffe, Director, and Ellen Niewyk, Curator, at the
Bywaters Collection of SMU

Allie Tennant left no personal papers. It was therefore necessary to research her life for this book in the files of the organizations to which she belonged, from the public record, and in the papers of the people with whom she corresponded. Research for this volume relied significantly on the important holdings of the Jerry Bywaters Collection of the Hamon Arts Library at SMU. There, Sam DeShong Ratcliffe, Director, and Ellen Buie Niewyk, Curator, provided me with full access to their collections, affording me immeasurable assistance during every phase of my research. I am also indebted to Emily Grubbs George at the collection for bringing to my attention items that I otherwise would not have known about. The archival collections at the Bywaters constitutes an incomparable source for the study of Texas art. Jerry Bywaters, whose papers compose the foundation of its holdings, was a well-organized person of great historical awareness who saved all manner of papers, records, and written materials dealing with Texas art for much of the twentieth century. The comprehensive and computerized indexes to these items made it possible to use this archival collection very efficiently. The ease of access permitted by these computerized finding aids saving me many days of page-turning, instead providing quick and easy access to relevant documents in ways heretofore impossible before the existence of digitized finding aids.

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