Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Allie Tennant's Dallas Studio

The Sitting Room of Allie Tennant's Studio, circa 1939
with some of her favorite pieces

In the mid-1920s Allie Tennant built a studio located in the backyard of her family’s home on Live Oak Street. Dallas architect Walter Sharp designed the studio. He created an “Old English” building of the cottage style with a large work room located on the northern end of the structure so placed to catch the best natural light. The studio had "a vaulted ceiling, large north windows, and had shelves and niches for her work lining the walls." It also sported a large and gracious fireplace for winter heat. Tennant particularly liked the design of the studio because of its large north window. “North light is liked by all artists,” she once explained to a journalist interviewing her, “because there is no sunshine with it.” This building would be her studio for the remainder of her life, with all of her best-known work created there. She displayed many of her pieces on pedestals around the sitting room located at one end of the building.
Exterior of Allie Tennant's studio as it appears today